• 4 January ‘24 – 4 January ‘24

The Deep Well with Erin DavisTippy's Teaching Me

What if faithfully serving the women in your home church can change the world? What if you don’t need a platform, or a following on social media, or a title to push back the darkness?

In this moving season of The Deep Well, you’ll meet one woman who has impacted countless lives through her faithful devotion to Jesus. Tippy Duncan has mentored Erin Davis and Dannah Gresh for decades. Now in her eighties, her life teaches that Jesus is the prize. In this four-episode season, you’ll join Erin and Dannah in Erin’s hometown as they pay tribute to the woman who has shown them how to love and live well. Also available on video.

Episodes in this season

Episode 4: An Uncertain Future

Is it possible to face an uncertain future with perfect peace? As Tippy considers her sunset years, she is rooted and grounded in the goodness of God. View More →