• 22 January ‘21 – 22 January ‘21

The Deep Well with Erin Davis7 Feasts

Dive into the sacred celebrations of Israel and discover how these ancient traditions reveal the beauty of Jesus Christ. Let your faith be enlightened and enriched as you discover God's plan for redemption throughout His Word.

Episodes in this season

Episode 1: Rules for Wandering

Erin Davis says the Old Testament shows us the balance of the rhythm between work and rest. She’ll show you by looking in the book of Leviticus. View More →

Episode 2: The Passover

If you have come to faith in Jesus, you have a huge reason to celebrate! Erin Davis reminds you of that by exploring the Feast of Passover. View More →

Episode 5: The Feast of Weeks

We all know what it's like to be forced to wait. Erin Davis will help you focus on the Lord during seasons of waiting by exploring the Feast of Weeks described View More →

Episode 6: The Feast of Trumpets

In ancient times, a trumpet blast represented more than just a musical crescendo. It signaled victory over enemies. That's why studying the Feast of Trumpets. View More →

Episode 7: The Day of Atonement

It's easy to lose the wonder of the term "atonement." Erin Davis will remind us of the amazing work of Christ to atone for our sins in the Day of Atonement. View More →