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Episode 6: The Feast of Trumpets

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Dree Hogue: Erin, I have a story for you that you are going to love. It happened yesterday in my kitchen. I had done something that was really hard for me to do that I didn't want to do, and I had made that apparent to my family. And so, my husband who knows me very, very well called my daughter into the kitchen and they had me walk between the two of them as they threw a parade for me and over my accomplishments. They celebrated me, they hooted and hollered, and they cheered, and I proudly walked down my galley kitchen floorway.

Erin Davis: I love it, bring on the kitchen parade.

Dree: I know.

Erin: That’s something that needs to catch on. I love parades myself. I don't know that I've ever had a kitchen parade. But I think my favorite part of parades is the trumpets …

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