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Episode 2: The Passover

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Erin Davis: Hey Dree, do you know the date of your spiritual birthday?

Dree Hogue: I do, very much so. It’s October 21, 1989.

Erin: That was back when the hair was good, and the music was good. That was back when the music was good but the hair wasn’t, I’m not sure.

Dree: Erin, do you know when your spiritual birthday is?

Erin: I don’t know the date. I’m amazed that you do. But I know that it was summer, the summer I was fifteen. I don’t know that I’d read the Bible for myself ever. But the Lord called, and I answered.

Dree: Every year that day, October 21, the reason I remember it is that it’s actually my mom’s birthday, and so that’s what helps me remember it. I don’t think otherwise that I would do that. But I always celebrate it with my family. Do you …

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