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Episode 3: The Feast of Unleavened Bread

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Erin Davis: Hey Dree, do you like sourdough?

Dree Hogue: I do, I do. I actually love bread. You actually helped me learn to make bread. I don’t know if you remember that. My favorite bread recipe is an email from you from maybe 2010. I don’t know.

Erin: I remember. I still make that bread on occasion. People are going to want that bread recipe. It’s yummy. 

Take a guess, how long do you think a sourdough starter can live?

Dree: Well, if I was in charge of it, it might live like a couple months.

Erin: Yeah, same.

Dree: So, I have no idea.

Erin: I’ve never effectively developed a sourdough starter. 

Well, it can live a really, really long time, and here’s how I know this. Because right this moment in a refrigerator in Wyoming, there’s ancient sourdough.

It’s an ancient sourdough starter; it’s older …

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