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Episode 4: The Feast of Firstfruits

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Dree Hogue: Hey, Erin, you and I have known each other for many, many years. One of our favorite topics is gardening. 

Erin Davis: We are plant ladies.

Dree: I’ve sent you multiple pictures of cherry tomatoes and green beans, and you’ve sent me pictures. We’ve helped each other plant and helped each other sew.

Erin: I remember the year you had a bumper crop of sweet potatoes.

Dree: Oh yeah.

Erin: So many sweet potatoes.

Dree: I was proud of that! I probably sent you ten pictures. 

Erin: You probably did. I would have been proud of it too! 

Dree: The feast that we’re about to study is about the first fruits. I know for me that’s a very relevant topic, because I know what it is to have those first cherry tomatoes or those first green beans or those first peppers pop up. 

Erin: Yeah, I mean, you …

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