• 6 February ‘23 – 7 February ‘23

Revive Our HeartsThe Dangers and Delights of Pursuing Authentic Friendships, by Kelly Needham

If we know friendship is essential to the Christian life, why do we often experience disappointment and confusion in pursuit of it? We need a gospel-soaked view of friendship so we can avoid the counterfeits of friendship offered by the world and find the courage to build the stable and satisfying friendships we were made for.

Episodes in this season

Misuses of Friendship

When it comes to our friendships, they can let us down. Kelly Needham shares some of the dangers and delights of authentic friendship. View More →

BONUS: Questions and Answers about Friendship

Dannah Gresh: Kelly Needham persisted in building a friendship with an elderly neighbor. It meant she needed to be curious and ask lots of questions. Kelly Needham: “Tell me what your life is like. What kind of appointments are you going to?” I learned about who was providing care for her dentures, and I learned about her different prescriptions. She …