• 20 June ‘22 – 7 July ‘22

Habakkuk: Moving from Fear to Faith

Do you ever feel like God is not hearing your prayer? The prophet Habakkuk did. He looked at the injustice around him and wondered why God did not seem to change the situation. As he continued to look to God, the prophet ended up getting answers—but they were far different from what he expected. Learn how to worship in the middle of worry, confusion, and frustration in this practical series on Habakkuk.

Episodes in this season

Have You Prayed About It?

Is it okay to ask God why and to tell him when you’re displeased? The prophet Habakkuk did both. Find out what we can learn from his honest prayer life. View More →

Handling Unanswered Prayer

Unanswered prayers can be puzzling, frustrating, and challenging. You’ll get some needed perspective on living with unresolved issues on today's program. View More →

Asking Why

There are times when questioning the Lord is okay, and times when it’s not. Learn more as Nancy delves into Habakkuk's life. View More →

God Is at Work

Imagine buying your child a present, but while you're waiting for the right time to give it, your child doubts that you care. Do you ever approach God that way? View More →

Unexpected Answers

Have you ever asked God to answer your prayer, only to be surprised when the answer came? Habakkuk was begging God for answers, and was still surprised. View More →

Loving Discipline

When bad things enter your life, do you ever find yourself thinking God must be angry with you? Today, Nancy gives perspective on this question. View More →

The Watchpost

In Old Testament times, a soldier would stand on a watchtower to watch for approaching enemies. Nancy explains why you, too, should "stand watch." View More →

Hearing from God

The Bible tells us that God spoke directly to the Old Testament prophets. Does He speak the same way today? View More →

The Day Will Come

As a child, you probably drove your parents crazy with questions like "When?" "Why?" "How long?" and "Are we there yet?" Are you doing the same to God? View More →

By Faith

What is faith? The word is used to describe a denomination, a relationship with God, or even a name for a child. Today, Nancy explains what true faith is. View More →

Sowing and Reaping

You may not be a farmer, but you’re still sowing and reaping every day. Nancy explains why it’s so important to be careful what you sow and reap. View More →


You’re probably not in the habit of creating a statue out of wood or stone and bowing down to it. But do you find yourself tempted to idolize other things? View More →

Revive Your Work

Do your prayers to God ever resemble a grocery list where you ask God for one thing after another? Learn what your prayers should really look like. View More →