Easter Resources

Experience the wonder of Jesus’ death and resurrection through podcasts and articles that point you to the Word of God. As you reflect on the magnificence of Christ, may the resurrection hope stir you to revival.

Nancy's Newest Book—Incomparable

Whatever you think about Jesus, He is more. Incomparably more.

Incomparable: 50 Days with Jesus

Incomparable Podcast Series

Incomparable: The Person of Christ 
Incomparable: The Saving Work of Christ (series begins 3.13.24)
Incomparable: The Seven Last Words of Christ (series begins 3.19.24)
Incomparable: Now and Forever with Christ (series begins 3.28.24)

Articles & Blogs

Holy Week Name of Jesus

8-Day Passion Week Readings

Word in the Home—Easter series by Barbara Reaoch

Introduction: “Before You Begin
Week 1: “God Saves Those Who Depend on Him
Week 2: “Eternal Life Is a Gift God Gives
Week 3: “God Is Faithful to the End
Week 4: “Jesus Is the Passover Lamb
Week 5: “Jesus Took the Punishment for Our Sin
Week 6: “Jesus Welcomes All Who Repent and Believe
Week 7: “Jesus Rose to Give Us Life Forever with Him
Week 8: “Trusting Jesus Leads Us to Truth
Week 9: “Jesus Opens Minds and Hearts
Week 10: “True and Lasting Joy Is Found in Trusting God

10-Day True Hope Challenge

Day 1: “I Will Hope Continually” by Erin Davis
Day 2: “Hope in His Steadfast Love” by Samantha Nieves
Day 3: “Hope While We Wait” by Leanna Shepard
Day 4: “Hope in Praise” by Hayley Mullins
Day 5: “Hope for Justice” by Betsy Gómez
Day 6: “Hope When We’re Drowning” by Leslie Bennett
Day 7: “Hope in Every Season” by Mindy Kroesche
Day 8: “Hope in God’s Word” by Erin Davis
Day 9: “Overflowing Redemption” by Hannah Underhill
Day 10: “Hope Forevermore” by Erin Davis

Other Blogs

Fill Your Heart with Fresh Awe This Easter” by Judy Dunagan

Easter Is for Grieving Moms, Too” by Courtney Reissig

Teaching the Resurrection to Tiny Hearts and Minds” by Erin Davis

What Difference Does It Make?” by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

7 Ways Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection Impact You Today” by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

The Best/Worst Day Ever” by Erin Davis

Our Hope Doesn't Die after Easter” by Leslie Bennett

30-Day Devotional

30-Day Easter Preparation Guide” by Revive Our Hearts


The Easter Story by Max McLean 

“Hymns for Easter” by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth (podcast series)

Come Thou Fount
There Is a Fountain” 

“The Love Story of Passover” by Erika VanHaitsma (podcast series)

Your Invitation to a Love Story
A Date Night with God
When the Bread Does Not Rise
The Savior Who Loves You
The End is Just the Beginning” 

“Celebrating the Resurrection with Barbara Rainey” (podcast series)

More Than Just Another Holiday
The Backdrop to Easter
Why Easter Means Hope

“Making the Lenten Season More Meaningful with Barbara Rainey” (podcast series)

A Meaningful Teaching Opportunity
Anticipating Resurrection Sunday
Showing Kids Why Easter Matters



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