Overflowing Redemption (Day 9)

O Israel, hope in the LORD! For with the LORD there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption. —Psalm 130:7

Our hope:
I have hope because no matter how deep and dark my sin may seem, God’s power to redeem and forgive me is far greater.

“Out of the depths I cry to you, O LORD!” (Ps. 130:1).

Sin is ugly. Messy. It can dig a pit, toss us in, and saunter away, leaving us defeated, bedraggled, and staring up at the stars, wondering if we’ll ever escape.

I’ve taken a ride on that despair train, grappling with sins that seemed too ugly for God to redeem me out of. The psalmist echoes that same sentiment here. And yet he dares to call out for the Lord’s help, confident that God’s ability to redeem him from his sin is greater than the pit he feels trapped in.

The truth that breaks through the shadows of that dark pit is this: In exchange for the welling depths of despair over sin’s oppressive grip, God offers us steadfast, plentiful hope (Ps. 130:7). Sin threatens to destroy us; God promises to revive and redeem us.

So, if you feel trapped in sin that you just can’t seem to shake, call for His help. His redemption overflows.

Reflect and Respond:

Read Psalm 130.

  • Are you struggling with a sin right now that seems too deep for you to handle?
  • Take a moment to think about the adjectives describing God’s love and redemption: “steadfast” and “plentiful.” Jot down three words or phrases that describe how those adjectives make you feel.
  • What is one specific way you can apply the unfailing, overflowing hope of God in your situation?

Go deeper:

  • Dealing with our sin requires intentional action. Start today with these two simple steps:
    • First, confess your sin to the Lord. Ask Him to help you say “no” to temptation and “yes” to His redemption and love.
    • Second, in the context of a godly, confidential friendship, confess your sin a fellow believer and ask them to pray for you and hold you accountable as you begin to walk in freedom.

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