• 18 February ‘15 – 10 April ‘15

The Incomparable Christ

During the weeks leading up to Easter, Nancy will be teaching an extended series on the person and work of Christ, based on The Incomparable Christ by J. Oswald Sanders. This is a special opportunity to prepare our hearts to commemorate the passion and resurrection of Christ. May you come to know, love, trust, follow, and reflect Christ in a greater way during this holy season!

Episodes in this season

The Unique Claims of Jesus

There is no one else like Jesus. That may seem like a simple statement, but in today’s world, it sounds radical. Find out why Jesus claimed to be unique. View More →

The Moral Perfection of Christ

What is true beauty? Poets have tackled this question for centuries. Scientists have even gotten into the discussion recently. Learn more on today's program. View More →

The Preexistence of Christ

When biographers begin to tell a person’s story, they usually begin with birth. But the story of Jesus begins far before the events in Bethlehem. View More →

The Incarnation of Christ

What is the most amazing miracle ever performed in this universe? Is it the resurrection? The creation itself? Nancy shares the most amazing miracle, today. View More →

The Childhood of Christ

How much do we know about Jesus’ childhood? Not much was recorded in Scripture. But if you reflect carefully on what we do know, you’ll gain perspective. View More →

The Youth of Christ

How do you impart wisdom to a teenager? Nancy will show you how by looking at the life of Jesus. Explore what we know about the adolescence of Christ. View More →

The Baptism of Christ

Jesus was perfect and didn't need to show any repentance. So why did He need to be baptized? Nancy will explore the baptism of Jesus and show it's importance. View More →

The Temptation of Christ

You’re alone in a barren wilderness surrounded by wild animals. You haven’t eaten in forty days. Do you think you’d be vulnerable to temptation? View More →

The Deity of Christ

Was Jesus truly God? Does it really matter? Nancy says that if Jesus were not God, all of Christianity would fall apart. View More →

The Humanity of Christ

"The little Lord Jesus no crying He makes." This idea shows up in a popular Christmas carol, but it’s probably not true. Nancy paints a different picture. View More →

The Manliness of Christ

When you see depictions of Jesus in paintings and films, do you ever notice that He comes across wimpy? Consider the Bible's description of Jesus. View More →

The Teaching of Christ

The greatest teacher of all time had no seminary training or advanced degrees. In fact, He was trained as a carpenter. Yet His teaching never grows obsolete. View More →

The Humility of Christ

The ancient world didn't think well of humility. In fact, in Greek and Latin, there wasn't even a word that adequately captured the Christian ideal of humility. View More →

The Serenity of Christ

The book of Matthew includes an intriguing line. "Jesus and His disciples sung a hymn before He headed out to be betrayed." How could Jesus sing then? View More →

The Prayer Life of Christ

If you study the life of Jesus, you may be surprised at how often He prayed. Find out all you can learn about prayer from the life of Jesus. View More →

The Trial of Christ

What was the greatest miscarriage of justice in the history of the world? You’ve probably read about the incident. View More →

The Atoning Work of Christ

Do you ever feel lost in the attempt to be good? That you’re supposed to work harder but are getting tired out? Nancy will share the solution today. View More →

The Word of Forgiveness

Historians tell us that Roman crucifixion was so painful that those being executed would often curse and scream. In light of this Jesus' words have more impact. View More →

The Word of Assurance

Do you ever struggle with doubts over where you’ll be when you die? Nancy offers encouragement to anyone who needs that assurance. View More →

The Word of Devotion

As Jesus suffered on the cross, He took time for a very practical matter. He made provision for a widow who was about to lose her firstborn son. View More →

The Word of Dereliction

Thousands of people were crucified each year in Rome during the time of Jesus, so the physical suffering He went through wasn’t unheard of. View More →

The Word of Agony

"I thirst." It sounds like a simple request. But when Jesus uttered these words on the cross, it was a profound statement. View More →

The Word of Triumph

What was the single greatest word ever uttered in the history of mankind? Nancy says that word was proclaimed by Jesus on the cross. View More →

The Calvary Miracles

When Jesus died on the cross, many graves opened and saints came back to life. What do you make of this miracle? Why did it happen? View More →

Reflecting on the Cross

On Good Friday, Nancy invites you to saturate your mind with God’s Word. Mark the events of this day by listening to many scriptural passages. View More →

The Ascension of Christ

Forty days after being raised from the dead, Jesus ascended to heaven. Most churches don’t make a big deal of this event. Did it really matter? View More →

The Second Advent of Christ

No matter what you’re facing, there’s no greater source of hope than the coming return of Christ. Nancy will explore His promise to come back, today. View More →