Hope in His Steadfast Love (Day 2)

Let your steadfast love, O LORD, be upon us, even as we hope in you. —Psalm 33:22

Our Hope:
I have hope because God’s love for me is steadfast; it will never change!

Oh, to be a steadfast woman—predictable, resolute, and unswerving.

Currently, I find myself walking down an unpredictable path of a thousand unknowns, and I feel anything but steadfast. Every morning seems to smack me with a different range of emotions. My feelings are rising and crashing faster than waves on a stormy sea.

Family and friends text to ask, “How are you doing?” My replies vary . . .

I’m hanging in there.
It’s up and down.
I’m really struggling today.

But here’s the preserving Truth that rescues me and you, no matter the uncertainty of the circumstances we face or how much steadfastness we lack.

God and His love are steadfast.

He doesn’t change with the tides. His love never ebbs and flows.

Because His love is an unflinching, relentless, and enduring love, we can place every single ounce of our hope in Him—especially when we feel fickle, weak, and limp. And if you are tumbling and thrashing amidst tumultuous waves, His steadfast love is your life raft. It is a steadying, faithful, consistent help and shield that will never sink or stray from its course (Ps. 33:20).

His eyes are on us—on all our ups and downs, swayings and churnings—and He gives us His steadfast love as a hope-filled constant (Ps. 33:18). It’s His immovable faithfulness that leads us safely to shore.

Reflect and Respond:

Read Psalm 33.

  • What stands out to you about God’s steadfastness?
  • How does God’s steadfast love stand in contrast to our human weaknesses?
  • Are there circumstances in your life that are sending you up and down, causing you to lose your bearings? Write a prayer to God about what is going on in your world today, and asking for His steadfast love to be your grounding anchor in the midst of the crashing waves.

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Samantha Keller

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