Week 10: True and Lasting Joy Is Found in Trusting Jesus

Editor’s Note: Good Friday blessings to you! This marks the last installment of our ten-week Easter family devotional series. Peruse this week’s content here, and then scroll down to the bottom to download your free, printable pdf of these devos, as well as any you may have missed. It has been our joy to walk through this series with you! —Laura Elliott, Managing Editor

WEEK 10: True and Lasting Joy Is Found in Trusting Jesus

READ: Luke 24:50–53

Why did Jesus’ friends have great joy? Though their best friend, Jesus, had left, they knew all His words were true. Jesus’ return to heaven proved He would do everything He said. He would come back for them. And He would give them power to live for Him (John 14:28). Jesus really is the king of the universe! Jesus has all power over sin, death and Satan (Heb. 10:11–14). He really will rescue us! Jesus rescues us from doubts. Worshiping and praising Him gives joy to our sad hearts. Only Jesus gives us true and lasting joy.


  • Why did Jesus’ friends have joy even though their best friend had left? 
  • How is Jesus’ joy better than any other way we try to be happy?
  • What truth about Jesus takes away your sadness? 


READ: Acts 1:3–5

Why did Jesus tell His friends to wait in Jerusalem? They needed to wait for the gift God had promised them—the Holy Spirit. Jesus had taught His friends about the Holy Spirit, but He had not yet come to live in them (John 15:26–27). After Jesus returned to heaven, they would be baptized with the Holy Spirit. Through the Holy Spirit, Jesus would come to live in them. The Holy Spirit would give them new desires to love and please God. He would give them new minds to think His way. God gives the gift of the Holy Spirit to all who trust in Jesus.


  • Why did Jesus tell His disciples to wait in Jerusalem?
  • What changes happen in our hearts when God gives us a new heart?
  • If you have put your trust in Jesus, how has the Holy Spirit helped you want to love God?


READ: Acts 1:8–11

What did Jesus promise His friends? Jesus promised them the gift of the Holy Spirit. Jesus had told His friends to go into the whole world and tell people about Him (Matt. 28:19–20). But by themselves, they could never convince anyone to believe. Only God can change a person’s mind and heart. Without the Holy Spirit, no one can believe the Truth about Jesus. The Holy Spirit would give Jesus’ friends the power to tell people everywhere about Him. The Holy Spirit gives us power to tell people the Truth about Jesus.


  • Why would the disciples not be able to do what Jesus told them to do?
  • What does the Holy Spirit do that we cannot?
  • When have you known the Holy Spirit’s power to do what God wants?

PRAY: Jesus, thank You for the gift of the Holy Spirit—now I love You and want to live for You. Please give me the right words and the courage to speak to my friends and family about You. Help me see who You want me to talk with about You.



Jesus came near to His friends to bless them (Luke 24:50). God is always accessible or near (Deut. 4:7). In the beginning, Adam and Eve walked and talked with God. Through the covenants, God promised a forever relationship with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Later, God built His home in the middle of the camp to be near His people (Exo. 25:1–9). God made Himself even nearer when He became a man, the Lord Jesus Christ (John 14:6). As man, on the cross, Jesus suffered the eternal separation from God that our sin deserves (Eph. 2:13). Now, Jesus makes His home in the heart of everyone who trusts Him (John 1:14). Jesus is so close to His people (John 14:16–17). He speaks to us and comforts us. He knows when sin makes us feel dirty. He is near, ready to forgive us. He makes us clean so we can live happily with Him forever (Acts 2:38).

ACTIVITY:What we do with our money, time, and talents shows what we value in our hearts. Draw two hearts. Label one heart “Self”; label the other heart “Jesus.” Write in the “Self” heart words to describe a life rich toward self. Write in the “Jesus” heart words to describe a life of trust in Jesus. Talk about what God is showing you. 

MEMORY VERSE: Acts 1:8 “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”

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