Week 5: Jesus Took the Punishment for Our Sin

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WEEK 5: Jesus Took the Punishment for Our Sin


READ: Luke 22:66–71

What did the religious leaders do? They met to decide what to do with Jesus. They did not want to believe that Jesus was the Messiah. They believed God would send the Messiah, but they wanted a Messiah who told them they were doing a good job. Jesus never said anything good about them. They wanted a Messiah who would make them stronger than the Roman government. Jesus did not act like they wanted Him to. They wanted Jesus to die. They would have to convince the Roman leaders that He was a criminal. Jesus always did what was right; He had never done anything wrong.


  • What did the religious leaders want Jesus to do for them?
  • What did the religious leaders scheme to do in order for Jesus to die?
  • What had Jesus done that was wrong?


READ: Luke 23:4–12

Why did the religious leaders take Jesus to Pilate? Pilate was the Roman governor of Jerusalem. Only he could carry out the death penalty. Pilate wanted to let Jesus go free but was afraid of angering the religious leaders. Then Pilate heard that Jesus used to live in Galilee. So, he sent Jesus to Herod, the ruler of Galilee. But Jesus would not talk to Herod. So Herod let his soldiers put a robe on Jesus. They made fun of Him and hurt Him. Jesus always did what was right; He had never done anything wrong.


  • Why didn’t Pilate let Jesus go free?
  • Why did Herod let his soldiers hurt Jesus? 
  • What had Jesus done that was wrong? 


READ: Luke 23:13–25

Who was Barabbas? Barabbas was a robber. He had killed people. Pilate thought the people would want such a wicked man to die. But the people chose to free Barabbas. Pilate knew Jesus was good. Jesus had never done anything wrong. Yet Jesus was taken away to die and Barabbas went free. Like Barabbas, we have all sinned and deserve punishment for our sin (Rom. 6:23). Like Barabbas, we can be set free. Jesus died in our place to rescue us from hell so we can live with God forever. Jesus took God’s punishment for our sin. 


  • What did Pilate hope would happen with Barabbas and Jesus?
  • How are we like Barabbas? 
  • What did Jesus do for us? Have you thanked Jesus? 

PRAY: Thank you, Jesus, for giving Your life to rescue me. Thank You for taking the punishment for sin to set me free. Please make my love for You like Your love for me.



God’s justice is perfect. He cannot ignore sin (Isa. 61:8). We want justice, too. We want bullies to be punished when they hurt people. We should also want God to punish all sin—this is fair and just(2 Thess. 1:6). But what about you? Haven’t you hurt others sometimes? God always upholds justice. So will God punish you? Here’s some good news: God’s love is so great! With perfect justice, He sent Jesus to pay the price for His children’s sin (Rom. 3:25–26). The religious leaders did not want this good news (Gal. 2:16). They wanted to earn their righteousness. How can God call His sinful children justified (made righteous)? God counts Jesus’ perfect life and death for us, as if it was our own (2 Cor. 5:21). He makes all who receive Jesus His own dear children (John 1:12). As we repent and trust in Jesus, God fully forgives us. Jesus took all our punishment so God’s children can know they will never face God’s judgment (Rom. 8:1). 

ACTIVITY:  Reenact the meeting of Jesus before the religious leaders. Include what Jesus said to them—our memory verse.

MEMORY VERSE: Luke 22:67–69, "But [Jesus] said to them, 'If I tell you, you will not believe, and if I ask you, you will not answer. But from now on the Son of Man shall be seated at the right hand of the power of God.'”

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