Week 7: Jesus Rose to Give Us Life Forever with Him

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WEEK 7: Jesus Rose to Give Us Life Forever with Him


READ: Luke 24:1–8

What did the women believe? The women believed that Jesus was dead. Instead of finding His dead body, they found an empty tomb. The angels reminded the women of the Truth Jesus had told them. Jesus must die, and on the third day be raised from death to life. Everything happened just as Jesus told them. Jesus meets unbelief with Truth.


  • What did the women find at Jesus’ tomb? 
  • What did the angels tell the women? 
  • What happened to Jesus?


READ: Luke 24:9–11

Why did the disciples still not believe? Jesus told his disciples many times that He was going to die and then come to life again. But they did not yet understand what happened to Jesus’ body. However, the religious leaders who hated Jesus remembered that Jesus said He would be buried for three days and come to life again (Matt. 12:38–40). They thought the disciples might come and take Jesus’ dead body out of the tomb. The religious leaders did not want anyone to believe that Jesus had the power to come to life again. Jesus was raised to life by God’s power.


  • What did the disciples not yet understand about Jesus’ body? 
  • What did the religious leaders think would happen to Jesus’ body?
  • What really happened to Jesus’ body?


READ: Luke 24:12

What did Peter find at Jesus’ tomb? Peter entered the tomb and saw only Jesus’ grave clothes. Peter did not understand what had happened. But Peter knew that no human being can come to life after death. Jesus’ resurrection proves He is God. Now we can be sure Jesus overcame the power of death and sin. He took the punishment for the sins of all God’s children. They, too, will one day rise to new life. God’s children will live with Jesus forever, just as he promised. Jesus rose from death to give us life forever with Him. 


  • What happened when Peter entered Jesus’ tomb?
  • What does Jesus’ resurrection prove?
  • Do you know that you are God’s child and will live with Him forever?

Pray: Jesus, thank you for dying and rising again for me. Please help me trust in you and love you more. I want to live with you forever.



God has unlimited and eternal power. God’s powerful word spoke all of creation—the heavens, earth, sea, and everything—into being, from nothing. God is all-powerful over all things and all people. He is all-powerful over the devil. The devil is a terrible enemy, but he has limited power. He could not keep Jesus in the tomb. God’s Word, through His Holy Spirit, powerfully creates faith, joy, peace and life. The power of God’s Word transforms our minds and hearts for our good. The devil’s words produce doubt, fear, greed, hatred and death. Jesus knew to depend on God’s power—God’s Word, prayer, and the Holy Spirit—when tempted by the devil (Luke 4:3–13). God’s children can overcome every temptation they face with the same power—God’s Word, prayer, and the Holy Spirit. We trust God to give us everything we need to do whatever He requires of us (Phil. 4:13).

ACTIVITY: Draw a picture of what you think Jesus’ empty tomb looked like. Talk about the power of God’s Word changing your fear into faith, joy, and peace. Think of God as all-powerful!

MEMORY VERSE: Luke 24:6–7 He is not here, but has risen. Remember how he told you, while he was still in Galilee, that the Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified and on the third day rise.

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