Erin Davis: Introduce yourselves, tell us your names . . . and I want to hear about your church!

Kristen Clark: I’m Kristen Clark from San Antonio, Texas, and I go to Crossway Bible Church. It’s a church plant that’s about six years old, and we’ve been with the church from a few months after it launched. So it’s been fun. We met in a cafeteria; now we have a building. It’s been an exciting journey and a lot of work, but it’s really good to see God work!

Erin: I love that! Okay, over here. 

Portia Collins: I am Portia Collins from Greenwood, Mississippi, and I go to a relatively small non-denominational church called Green Grove, and I love it there!

Erin: You go to church in the deep South!

Portia: I do. I always say even though I’m a member of a nondenominational church, I’m like part Presbyterian, because I fellowship pretty regularly with all my friends and everybody at Westminster Presbyterian.

Erin: I love those Southern churches! I taught at a church in Alabama recently that was actually in a cotton field! We had banana pudding at lunch, and I was like, “I lo-o-o-ve a Southern church!” The hair was high, and it was good! So I’d like to come to your church . . . and I’d like to come to your church! [Kristen and Portia laugh and agree.]

I live in Missouri, and I go to a pretty good-sized church, also non-denominational. It is the …