Erin Davis: Introduce yourselves, tell us your names . . . and I want to hear about your church!

Kristen Clark: I’m Kristen Clark from San Antonio, Texas, and I go to Crossway Bible Church. It’s a church plant that’s about six years old, and we’ve been with the church from a few months after it launched. So it’s been fun. We met in a cafeteria; now we have a building. It’s been an exciting journey and a lot of work, but it’s really good to see God work!

Erin: I love that! Okay, over here. 

Portia Collins: I am Portia Collins from Greenwood, Mississippi, and I go to a relatively small non-denominational church called Green Grove, and I love it there!

Erin: You go to church in the deep South!

Portia: I do. I always say even though I’m a member of a nondenominational church, I’m like part Presbyterian, because I fellowship pretty regularly with all my friends and everybody at Westminster Presbyterian.

Erin: I love those Southern churches! I taught at a church in Alabama recently that was actually in a cotton field! We had banana pudding at lunch, and I was like, “I lo-o-o-ve a Southern church!” The hair was high, and it was good! So I’d like to come to your church . . . and I’d like to come to your church! [Kristen and Portia laugh and agree.]

I live in Missouri, and I go to a pretty good-sized church, also non-denominational. It is the church where I came to know Jesus as a teenager. I left and then came back, but it feels like home to me! 

Maybe right now the women are listening to us, or watching us maybe in a Sunday school classroom, or they’re in the church lobby, or maybe they’re in a living room with their church friends or friends from area churches. Portia, you mentioned that you participate in other churches. 

Alright, I want to know what you like to do on long road trips! And, because I’m such a foodie, do you have a road trip snack combo? So, I’m going to tell you my road trip snack combo, and you’re going to think it’s gross! I only eat it on food trips. It’s the Pizza Combos and Arizona Green Tea. That’s my road trip food of choice. It’s pure not-good-for-me at all! 

Kristen: It will either keep you awake or knock you out!

Erin: And when you get wherever you’re going, you’ve got stomach road-rot so bad! Portia, road trips with the Collins family; paint the picture for us. What’s it like?

Portia: Oh man, it is bananas! My husband is the quintessential singer! He leads worship at our church, and he and my daughter drive me mad, because they are in their light . . . and she’s only two!

But he is hyping her up, and they are singing their hearts out to the Lord! And I am dying sometimes. I mean, I love the Lord, and I love to praise the Lord. But ten hours of every praise song . . .

Erin: But maybe not mile after mile after mile! 

Portia: I’m like, “Man!”

Kristen: That’s a lot of praise!

Erin: Y’all probably sing with a Southern accent?

Portia: Absolutely! I mean, y’all hear it now!

Erin: Alright, tell them your name and your road trip go-to habits, foods or whatever you think of whenever you think of road trips.

Kristen: Kristen Clark, and I do love road trips. I love a good road trip from Texas to Colorado; that’s my favorite, going to the mountains!

Erin: That’s a long road trip!

Kristen: It’s about sixteen, eighteen hours if we do it straight. So we need lots of snacks. We always have our little Yeti cooler right there in the middle. We fill …