Erin Davis: Welcome to the Women of the Bible podcast. Does anybody have the first-day-of-Bible-study jitters?

Gayle Villalba: Oh, I do.

Erin: Really? Does that happen to you in real life? The first time you have a Bible study. I mean, this is real life. The first time we have a new Bible study at my church, I always feel a little nervous. What’s that about?

Gayle: I don’t know.

Erin: I don’t know either. Well, I hope that if you’re listening, you don’t have butterflies in your tummy. I hope you’re just eager to be with us. We are about to jump into the book of Ruth. I wish that they could all introduce themselves to us—they can’t—but we can introduce ourselves to them. And I have a question to get us started.

I want you to tell us your name and how long you’ve been walking with the Lord. We’ll start with you.

Portia Collins: My name is Portia Collins. I have been walking with the Lord—whew—since I was, honestly, since I was a little girl. I say that the Lord gripped me as a child, even though I probably didn’t fully understand until I got into my late teenage/early young adult years.

Erin: So decades.

Portia: Yes.

Erin: You’ve been walking with the Lord for decades.

Portia: Yes, decades.

Erin: All right. Over here? Tell us your name and how long you’ve been walking with the Lord.

Gayle: Oh, my.

Erin: You’re going to win this question! …