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Revive Our Hearts desires to be a resource for you as you seek to impact the women in your life for the kingdom. Find tools you can use for small group studies, discipleship, and women’s ministry in the local church.

Developing a Titus 2 Ministry Culture image

Developing a Titus 2 Ministry Culture

Leaders, our young women are surrounded by messages which are counter to God's truth. Many young women desire to wear the gospel well. But they need our help.

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15 Ways to Spark True Womanhood

Want to see more women experience the joy and freedom of walking in God's unique design for womanhood? One of these 15 ideas may be the spark you need.

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How to Bust Small Group Busters

Small group busters often arise when expectations aren't established from the get-go, or when a healthy group cruises on auto-pilot, and bad habits creep in.

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Thanksgiving . . . or Thanksliving?

Has marathon ministry outrun your practice of thanking God for His abundant gifts each day for life and service? It happens even with the best intentions.

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The Art of Leading Well

As a leader, you’ll be the one to set the pace for your group. Learn how to build great group unity and strength.

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Handling Group Dynamics

Here are several suggestions for drawing out your quiet members and keeping your talkative members “reined in.”

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Fostering a Spirit of Prayer

Prayer is a crucial part of your small group time, but it’s often the most neglected. Learn how to develop a prayer ministry for your group.

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Facilitating Discussion

Every group has those dreaded moments of silence when the members avoid answering a question. Learn helpful comments to help keep the discussion flowing.

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What Is a Leader?

Learn the qualities and characteristics that define a leader, and be encouraged that leadership is process of continual growth.