A New Year’s Prayer for You, Leader

Here at Revive Our Hearts, no one has to ask us to cry out on behalf of ministry leaders. We are so grateful for you and your service that we are naturally drawn to pray for you. In fact, that's our gift to you this New Year's—our staff has prayed individually for you. We'd like to share our prayer as encouragement for a fresh year of ministry.

Heavenly Father,

I come to You because You are powerful, mighty, and sovereign over all. (Ps 102:12)

Your Word tells us that You are loving, compassionate, kind, gracious, and abounding in loving-kindness (Ps. 103:8; Joel 2:13). Thank You, Lord, for the ways You deal with Your servants. Oh, how we love You!

I thank You, Lord, for the great privilege to cry out for my fellow laborer in the gospel. I pray she may accomplish that which her heart cries out to do—make Your Name great in all the earth (Isa. 26:8)! O, Father, I recognize it is not a task she can do, but by the enablement of Your Spirit it is accomplished (Zech. 4:6). So Lord, fill her to overflowing with Your Spirit as she clings to You (Deut. 13:4).

Help each leader draw deeply from the Rock, that streams of Living Water might flow from her. May she be found in the likeness of the Lord Jesus who was taught by You to comfort the weary (Isa. 50:4). How I pray that those to whom she ministers will be sustained and encouraged because of her life!

Father, grow her heart for her church, her city, her nation, and the nations of the world. Multiply her works that Your Word will be spread throughout. Let Your favor be upon her and establish the work of her hands! (Ps 90:17 )

In these days of difficulty and darkness, give this servant leader discernment and wisdom to lead in such a way that all those she influences will become, and live, as overcomers (1 John 5:4).

For her tireless labors, may she have the joy to receive from You:

  • The Crown of Life—for those who persevere under trial (James 1:12) and those who are faithful unto death (Rev. 2:10).
  • The Crown of Righteousness—for those who have loved and longed for Your appearing (2 Tim. 4:8).
  • The Crown of Rejoicing—for each person who has found faith through her life and witness (1 Thess. 2:19 NKJV; Phil. 4:1).
  • The Imperishable Crown—that which will never fade away, for running the race well (1 Cor. 9:25).

This, O Lord, is the earnest prayer of my heart. To You, O Lord, be glory now and forevermore (Jude 1:25)!

In Jesus' name, amen.

About the Author

Sarah Krause

Sarah Krause is a Biblical Correspondent for Revive Our Hearts and serves as a Women's Ministry Leader and weekly Bible Study teacher in her church. She shares with women of every age about God's great grace, mercy, and love and does so with contagious joy. Sarah is passionate about studying and teaching the Scriptures and her heart's desire is to make the great truths of the Bible clear and practical. She makes her home in Central Nebraska.