Resources by Topic Revival

If you are tired of trying to be a “good Christian,” if you are overloaded and worn out with church activities, or if you experience heaviness and shame more than joy and freedom, then you’re ready to experience personal revival. These resources will teach you more about what it means to be revived.

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Preparing for Revival

These questions have been designed to help you evaluate whether or not you are meeting God’s conditions for revival.

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Begin at My Sanctuary

We would all be quick to agree about the need for repentance outside the walls of our churches. But are we as quick to recognize our own need to repent?

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When Do We Need Revival?

We need a fresh visitation of the Spirit in revival when these fifty evidences characterize our life.

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Living the Surrendered Life

Nancy walks line by line through the hymn, "Take My Life." Personalize this wonderful text as your prayer to be fully consecrated to Christ.

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Choosing Brokenness

The single greatest hindrance to experiencing personal revival is our unwillingness to humble ourselves.

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Are You Ready for Company?

A commitment to holiness means having a life that is always “ready for company” and open for inspection. Are you ready?

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Nothing Between

We must continually be alert to anything that might come between our soul and the Savior.