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The Churches Were Packed

Leslie Basham: Do you start getting nervous when a church service runs a little long, especially when your kids are in the nursery or class, and you wonder if they're getting cranky?

Well, what if there wasn't a nursery and the services lasted all night? That's what Dr. Merathan Lewis experienced when he was a seven-year-old boy. His friend, J. Edwin Orr, recounted the story.

J. Edwin Orr: His father was a coal miner, came home from the morning shift at three o'clock in the afternoon, took a bath to wash off the coal dust and put on his Sunday clothes and said to Mrs. Lewis, "Come, Mother, we're going to the meeting."

Leslie Basham: It was 1904 and Wales was in the middle of a nationwide revival.

J. Edwin Orr: So they took the three children. When they got to the big church at four in the afternoon, it …

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