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True wisdom finds its rest in God and His instruction to us through His Word. Let these tools grow your delight in God’s Word.

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One Initiative That Cannot Fail

Find out how one leader discovered the powerful benefits of Scripture memorization when it became a priority in women’s ministry.

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To the Heart Searching for Comfort

When the enemy wants to paralyze us with our emotions, the Word reminds us of the truth. And this is the soul-watering truth we need: God is our Comforter.

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Checking In with the 30-Day Challengers

I don't want to shift our focus to candy hearts and red roses before checking in with those of you who committed to starting the year by reading the Bible every

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Help for Fellow Freaker-Outers

I'm a pull-out-your-hair, bite-your-nails, pace-the-floors kind of gal. But I've found the solution to all that freaking out in the pages of God's Word.

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The Number One Lie Young Women Believe

Because I work on a blog titled Lies Young Women Believe and because I often get the chance to speak to girls like you about lies and truth, people regularly a

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Three Reasons Why the Trinity Matters

Instead of running from the things about God that seem too complex or above my head, I've learned to run toward them, like a soldier training for battle.

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Are You a Bible Zoomer?

After years of Bible zooming, I've realized that my relationship with God, understanding of Scripture, and general peace in life is not what it should be.

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Write as You Read

One of the greatest ways to help you concentrate and focus is reading the Word with pen in hand.

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What's in It for Me?

When you know the purpose of devotions, it helps you to be motivated to stay in the Word.

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What's Your Excuse?

"What's your excuse for not reading the Bible consistently?" Let us offer solutions to some of the most legitimate sounding excuses out there.