Recommended Bible Study Tools

It is important to have a regular reading plan that includes all of God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16). Yet, at the same time, don’t put yourself in a box. Variety is healthy and keeps your times with the Lord fresh. Use different ideas, approaches, and devotionals for reading God’s Word.

Tips for Topical Study

Spend time seeking the Lord about an area of spiritual growth you wish to pursue. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Take some time each day to look up several Scriptures pertaining to the particular topic. A good way to accomplish this is by using a concordance. Simply look up a few references at a time, jotting down notes as you go and cross-referencing related passages.
  • Record passages that are particularly meaningful or thought provoking on 3x5 cards or a journal for memorization.
  • Research, purchase, and read good books on the particular topic. A strong commentary is quite helpful as a study tool. Use resources as you would a school textbook. Don’t just read, but thoroughly study the subject.
  • Ask questions about the topic you’re studying. Be inquisitive in order to learn. Ask questions as you read Scripture.
  • Go online to research the topic. Recommended websites include:,, or

Other Recommended Tools

Online Resources:

Word studies:

Commentaries and study Bibles:

Devotional books:

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