Episodes: Forgiveness & Bitterness

Forgiveness & Bitterness

Rescued from Bitterness

From a Mess to a Message

Strength in Surrender

The Power of Forgiveness

Ten Years of Building Marriages

A Son's Perspective

For Such a Time as This in Los Angeles


Beauty for Ashes

Don't Wait! Forgive

Flooded With Forgiveness

Forgiveness--the Pain Reliever

Freedom From Prison

How Many Times?

Press Delete

The Beginning of Forgiveness

The Fruits of Forgiveness

The Price of Forgiveness

Your Sins Can Be Forgiven

God Is Writing a Story: Jean

Forgiveness Will Transform Your Relationships

Bitterness Is Harbored Hurt

Cleansing the Wound

The Beginning of Bitterness

The Process of Refinement

His Healing Touch, Part 1

His Healing Touch, Part 2

His Healing Touch, Part 3

His Healing Touch, Part 4

His Healing Touch, Part 5

His Healing Touch, Part 6

His Healing Touch, Part 7

His Healing Touch, Part 8

How Bitterness Can Lead to Impurity

The Power of Forgiveness in Afghanistan

Leaving Self Behind (Elisabeth Elliot)

Leaving Self Behind, Part 1

Leaving Self Behind, Part 2

Leaving Self Behind, Part 3

Leaving Self Behind, Part 4

Freedom from Sins of Your Past

A Teenager’s Radical Forgiveness

A Process of Healing

Closing the Door

Choosing Forgiveness

Forgiveness and Acceptance

Initiating Forgiveness

Forgiveness is Given

Confront or Overlook?

How Do I Forgive?

The Offender or the Offended?

The Power to Forgive

The Process of Healing


Investing in the Wrong Relationship

The Faith to Forgive

The Word of Forgiveness

The Lord's Prayer, Day 24

The Lord's Prayer, Day 25

The Lord's Prayer, Day 28

The Lord's Prayer, Day 29

A Light on the Dashboard

As We Forgive

Can Forgiveness Be Real?

From Food to Forgiveness

Forgiveness in Marriage

Forgiven and Free

The Beauty of Forgiveness

A Transformed Marriage

The Benefits of Forgiveness

What If?

Daddy, Will You Forgive Me

Healing from Years of Abuse


Go in Peace