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The Beauty of Forgiveness

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth: According to my friend and co-host, Dannah Gresh, if you’re going to be a good forgiver, you’re going to need some help.

Dannah Gresh: You see, forgiveness is not natural. It’s supernatural.

Nancy: I’m Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, and you’re listening to Revive Our Hearts for Tuesday, December 17, 2019.

And, Dannah, before we start in to today’s program, I just learned that today’s your birthday!

Dannah: It is.

Nancy: Happy birthday to you.

Dannah: Why, thank you.

Nancy: I’m not going to sing, but I know we have a lot of listeners who join me in wishing you a very happy birthday and saying how incredibly grateful we are for the gift of your life, your friendship, and your partnership with this ministry. So, happy birthday to you.

Dannah: Why, thank you.

Nancy: And yesterday, Dannah, we started a message that you gave earlier this year at …

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About the Teacher

Dannah Gresh

Dannah Gresh

When Dannah Gresh was eight years old, she began praying that God would use her as a Bible teacher for “the nations.” When she sees the flags of many countries waving at a Revive Our Hearts event, it feels like … read more …