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Standing on the Promises

Dannah Gresh: The tale of two trees from Janet Pope:

Janet Pope: When I was growing up in central Florida, we lived on a lake, and we had this tree in the backyard. This cyprus tree lived right at the water’s edge, so we would go down there and just sit. It was so peaceful, watching the waves splash up against the tree.

This tree, although it was under the scorching Florida sun, was never parched, because the water was its life source.

Now, in the front yard, we had one of those massive oak trees that was covered with that thick Spanish moss they have in Florida. And every year this tree lost branches that just died and fell off because the moss was taking over. So for me, these are two vivid pictures of contrasting lives—one that’s thriving, and one that’s withering.

Dannah: Which tree are you? Thriving …

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