• 15 November ‘23 – 27 December ‘23

True GirlCrazy for Jesus

In today’s world there’s so much pressure to fit in. But God’s Word tells us, His followers, to live a life that looks different from the world—to stand out! Normal is overrated in the kingdom of God! This season on the True Girl podcast, Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph encourage you to be a girl who is crazy for Jesus.

Episodes in this season

How to Show Crazy Love

Staci's in charge of the playlist today on the bus! She and Dannah are going to listen to a song that reminds us that we can show God's love to others. View More →

Wear My Crown

Have you ever struggled to understand your value? Lots of girls do. But God’s Word tells you something really important to help you with that. View More →

Have My Heart

What does it mean to delight in God? And what does that have to do with going on a hike? Dannah and Staci talk about that in this episode. View More →

Crazy People

Did you know that the Bible is full of stories of crazy people? Yep, that's right! That sounds funny, but Dannah and Staci explain there's a good crazy. View More →

How to Spark Crazy Revival

Dannah Gresh and Staci Rudolph are on their way home. They’re ready to get back, but they’re still having good conversations and listening to the best playlist View More →