• 8 November ‘23 – 8 November ‘23

The Deep Well with Erin DavisLies Boys Believe

Our boys are growing up in a deceived world. They are confronted with messages contrary to God’s Word—lies about who they are, what it means to be a man, and how to live. Sooner than later your son is going to encounter these lies. He needs the right tools to choose Truth. Here’s hope: with God’s help you can help him stand firm.

In this podcast series, Erin Davis, a mom to four boys, will come alongside you and apply the arsenal of Truth found in God’s Word. Lies are powerful. It’s time to fight back. She is joined by co-host Joy McClain, a fellow boy mom (and grandma!)

Episodes in this season

Episode 3: No Good Boys

Scripture is clear: your son didn’t come into the world as a “good boy.” That makes your home ground zero for spiritual formation. View More →