• 11 October ‘21 – 11 October ‘21

The Deep Well with Erin DavisIn a Little While

From the prophets to the Psalms to the Gospels, over and over we find this little phrase; “in a little while” tucked into our Bibles. Hear unique perspectives on God and time in this season of The Deep Well. Let Erin Davis be your guide in this six-session series as you look for the “in a little whiles” of Scripture, and be strengthened to know that someday soon we will be with Jesus. It will only take a little while.

Episodes in this season

Episode 1: Time to Build

For 18 years, a group of people procrastinated an important building project. Their story will tell you something important about your priorities. View More →

Episode 3: Time Is Short

Jesus modeled some important truths about time and eternity. When you learn these truths as well, it will have a big effect on your day to day life. View More →