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Who Is the Center of Your World?

Leslie Basham: Mark McClain remembers tasting alcohol for the first time.

Mark McClain: I was probably five years old when I took my first sip. You’d see Dad’s bottle sitting on the table, and you’d take a sip. And then you’d take a drink of Coke and it'd make the Coke taste sweeter. That’s how it kind of started.

Leslie: Mark started drinking more in high school.

Mark: I was just going out and having a good time with my buddies. It was just really easy to get out and have a good time, basically.

Leslie: Mark’s fiancé knew he was drinking.

Mark: I just really don’t think she worried about it too much. Then after we were married it just psssst . . . It just started to become an everyday thing.

Leslie: By the time his three kids were old enough to know what was going on, Mark’s …

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