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Fighting for a Marriage

Leslie Basham: Here’s some of what we heard yesterday on Revive Our Hearts from Joy and Mark McClain and their three children.

Joy McClain: Our wedding day was in May. It was a beautiful May day. And as I said those vows, I meant them. They were something I was going to take very seriously, and I was going to honor them no matter what. And that evening I wrote in my journal, “Today I took a vow to love and honor my husband, and that’s just what I intend on doing no matter what.”

I had always known Mark to drink—more of a social type thing.

Mark McClain: And after we were married, it just started to become an every day thing.

Kristen MClain: And so it was pretty miserable from the time Dad came home until he fell asleep.

Jordon McClain: I just remember laying in bed and …

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