• 8 April ‘24 – 26 April ‘24

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Hospitality—it’s not just an event. It’s a lifestyle, intended to point others to God's family. Learn how to cultivate an attitude of hospitality, and see some practical ways others are living it out.

Episodes in this season

Why Hospitality Matters

If you took a quiz right now, where would you rate yourself on the hospitality scale? Nancy helps us see why hospitality isn’t optional. View More →

What Hospitality Means

Can you think of how your kindness to someone else might offer them a picture of the gospel? Nancy shows us how hospitality can point people to Jesus. View More →

Jesus’ Hospitality and Ours

Jesus was always giving to others. He healed, He taught, and . . . He also cooked. Wouldn’t it be incredible to eat a meal that had been prepared by Jesus? View More →

Upper Room Hospitality

The most amazing display of hospitality in the Bible happened within 24 hours of Jesus’ death on the cross. See His incredible hospitality in the upper room. View More →

Cheerful Hospitality

Does the thought of serving others through your hospitality excite you? Nancy says it should. She talks about being a cheerful giver. View More →

Hospitality: A Two-Way Street

When you practice hospitality, for whom do you do it? Is it for yourself? For your friends? Or for the Lord? Nancy would answer by saying, “Yes!” to all. View More →