• 18 January ‘21 – 5 February ‘21

Revive Our HeartsRuth: The Transforming Power of Redeeming Love

This series will help you discover the transforming power of Christ’s love, which is able to meet your need in every season and situation of life.

Episodes in this season

A Redeemer

There’s nothing better than hearing a good story told by a good storyteller. Today, Nancy welcomes actor Max McLean. View More →

A Shortcut

It’s hard enough to suffer consequences for our own wrongdoing, but when we face hardship through no fault of our own, we can easily become discouraged. View More →

Returning Home

We are grateful for independence, but when we try to gain independence from God, free to do things our own way, it causes a lot of trouble. View More →


Do you ever wish you had a rich relative who could make all your financial problems go away? Nancy reminds us that we have someone infinitely better. View More →

Finding Refuge

Is there such a thing as coincidence for a child of God? Consider the Lord’s provision for Ruth. View More →

A Request

Can a wife have a submissive spirit even if her husband won’t provide leadership? View More →

Just Wait

Our culture shouts to us that only status and position really count, but the Bible tells us something different! View More →

Under New Ownership

If a store or restaurant is run down, there’s hope when a sign appears saying, "Under New Ownership." The same is true in your life. View More →

A Blessed Ceremony

You’ve heard the debates about Social Security. Will it be around in the future? Thankfully, you never have to worry about Jesus Christ. View More →


Imagine losing everything! That’s what one biblical character experienced when she lost her husband, sons, home, and country. View More →