• 8 May ‘06 – 16 May ‘06

Revive Our HeartsHope for Homemakers, with Donna Otto

Is your home a place where you and your family are glad to be? Nancy and Donna Otto discuss the role women play in developing a godly home. Whether married or single, you'll benefit from suggestions that will encourage you as you shape the atmosphere of your home and provide a safe and peaceful place for loved ones and guests.

Episodes in this season

Creating a Peaceful Home

When Donna Otto was a girl, there was not much love or support in her home. When she would visit her friends’ homes, she noticed a peace. View More →

Picture Your Home

If you were to draw a picture of an ideal home, what types of things would you want inside it? Whether you realize it or not, you are creating a picture. View More →

Husbands and Organization

You’re finally ready to bring some peace and order to your home. You’re ready to clean and organize. But what do you do if your spouse isn’t happy? View More →

Mountains of Paper

Do you ever get the mail and decide to put it in a little pile until tomorrow? If you do that often enough, you can suddenly find yourself with a mountain. View More →

Setting a Tone

In order to listen, you need to do something brave—stop talking. This is especially true for married couples. Hear more about listening with Donna Otto. View More →