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Creating a Peaceful Home

Leslie Basham: Donna Otto grew up in a rough environment. Those who invited her into their home had no idea what kind of influence they were having.

Donna Otto: I felt a sense of peacefulness that was so tangible to me. I saw beauty in homes. I remember going to a home once, and I walked in and there were pictures on the wall. I thought, “People put pictures on their walls?!”

Leslie Basham: It’s Monday, May 8th, and you’re listening to Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss. Here’s Nancy.

Nancy Leigh DeMoss: We’re delighted to welcome to Revive Our Hearts this week my new friend, Donna Otto. Some of you have read her books. You’ve heard her speak, perhaps years ago on Gateway to Joy with Elisabeth Elliot.

Donna is a wife; she’s a mom; she’s a lover of the Lord and a lover of home. She’s a …

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