• 19 October ‘20 – 23 October ‘20

Revive Our HeartsA Cry for Revival (Isaiah 63–64)

When you’re reading the Bible are you ever tempted to skip Isaiah? Some of the book may just sound like “doom and gloom.” But the challenges in Isaiah’s day are very similar to those of our broken world today. Nancy Wolgemuth will unpack Isaiah 63–64 and show us how these chapters can lead us in prayer for the Lord to “rend the heavens” in revival.

Episodes in this season

God’s Tough Love

If you’re clinging to anything that doesn’t really satisfy, He loves you enough to bring it to ruin—if that’s what’s needed to get your attention. View More →

A Picture of Revival

Imagine with me . . . what would happen if you experienced God’s presence like never before? What if He visited you and transformed your life? View More →