• 26 July ‘07 – 31 July ‘07

Revive Our HeartsApples of Gold: Learning to Become a Mentor, with Betty Huizenga

Titus 2 tells older women to teach younger women. Motivated by this verse, Betty Huizenga began a mentoring program to help younger women learn to love their families, remain morally pure and show hospitality. Hear from Betty and a panel from her organization how you can become a mentor.

Episodes in this season

Passing the Baton

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Meaningful Connection

There’s plenty of communication going on these days, but we're missing real connection. Nancy and a group of women talk about making meaning connections. View More →

How to Become a Mentor

Many younger women want the advice and counsel of older women. Nancy and Betty Huizenga tell mentors how to connect with those who are eager to learn. View More →