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The Danger of Deception

Leslie Basham: Trevin Wax is an author and blogger. He’s noticed how many teachers are saying unbiblical things about wealth and prosperity.

Trevin Wax: I think the idea that you do the right things, you say the right things, you believe in God enough and He will bless you, is one that is so easy for Christians in our society fall to. It speaks to so many of the hopes that so many Americans have when it comes to consumerism and wealth and health and things like that.

Leslie: Even those who know better can still drift into wrong thinking.

Trevin: They still live with the mindset of God is there to help me out. God is there to make me happy. God is there to fulfill my deepest longings.

Leslie: Because it’s easy to drift into unbiblical thinking, we need to learn how to think through these things.

Trevin: …

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Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

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