When Leadership Left Her Overwhelmed, Our Resources Equipped Her

Women who lead other women depend on Revive Our Hearts for trustworthy, biblical tools and a community of like-minded leaders. We want to equip women like Emily with the resources they need, when they need them.

Meet Emily Danforth, a twenty-three yearold Women’s Ministry Coordinator at a church in Post Falls, Idaho. Emily grew up reading LiesYoungWomenBelieve.com and made the connection with Revive Our Hearts as a freshman in college. She was introduced to the ministry through an online conference session with her favorite author, Dannah Gresh.

As Revive Our Hearts resources pointed her to God’s Word, a desire to serve the women at her church started to grow. But being only nineteen at the time, she felt “awkward and even arrogant asking for this kind of thing.” One day, near the end of her first semester in college, her pastor asked if she would consider leading a women’s Bible study. This was an answer to prayer for both of them; the church had been in a decade-long gap without a women’s ministry leader, praying for the Lord to provide. What began as one Bible study led to a variety of women’s ministries and programs throughout the church, and Emily officially stepped into the role of Women’s Ministry Coordinator.

When I first began serving as a WML (Women’s Ministry Leader), my heart knew that what our women needed most was a ministry that helped us understand and cherish God's Word, because that would lead to intimacy in each woman's relationship with Jesus. What I didn't know was how to actually do that! My other greatest concern was that I was a younger leader, and I wanted to make meaningful connections with all the women in our church—but I didn't know how to do that when I hadn't lived through all their unique experiences and seasons of life! This is where the Holy Spirit and Revive Our Hearts were instrumental!

As Nancy and Dannah and others from Revive Our Hearts have poured into Emily’s life, she has learned how to do the same for other women. She credits Nancy’s book Adorned with helping her minister to women of all ages by learning to simply live life with them.

Revive Our Hearts aims to provide trusted tools for leaders to utilize and to create places they can connect. Emily found a special community within the Revive Our Hearts Women’s Ministry Leader Facebook group.

I have gleaned so much from their stories, questions and responses, and sharing. Sometimes a new topic will come up and it ends up preparing me for a situation that comes down the road. Other times, when I'm feeling a little worn down (and even a bit sorry for myself!) I've been filled up spiritually and emotionally by getting to fellowship with the other gals on there and blessed to pray for their lives and ministries.

Recently, Revive Our Hearts met Emily in a season of discouragement when her friend and co-leader of women’s ministry left to serve in another church. In God’s grace, the Recommissioned leader webinar and “Faithful to the Finish Line” leader challenge took place during that same time. They brought her a new love for women’s ministry, and she found herself “refreshed, encouraged, sharpened, and inspired.”

When “hunting for insight in serving the women at her church,” Emily knows her way around the tools and resources Revive Our Hearts provides. She mines the radio and conference transcripts for material and utilizes the Leader Connection page, Lies Young Women Believe blog, and the posts from the Facebook group.

Thank you for all that you do for women's ministry leaders. This community has been such a gift in these lonely and challenging times!

Emily’s story showcases the desire of this ministry to not only encourage seasoned leaders but to shape the next generation of leaders as well. When you support Revive Our Hearts, you’re equipping leaders with biblical materials, practical tools, and godly inspiration to serve women well.