Help Us Reach Her

She’s young. She’s single. She’s shapeable. She’s serving. Most of all, she’s surrendered to God’s call upon her life . . . though she doesn’t fully know what that will mean. And we want to reach more women like her.

I turned thirty-one this year. I broke off a short courtship with a man I had hoped to marry, because I just couldn't picture him as my husband—as someone who could lead me in marriage. Now, reflecting on my life, I am suddenly wondering if my life as it is now is all there will be.

Listening to your podcast this morning, titled "Surrendered to God's Call," I was teary at the thought that, with no prospects in sight, the Lord may be calling me to serve Him in singleness.

He has given me many opportunities to serve Him already—in our youth ministry and worship ministry, and I love to pour into people's lives and be available to serve people where I can. What made me most teary though is hearing again of missionaries who've lived with a heart on fire to serve Christ at all costs, because He is their all.

I don't want marriage if is means less satisfaction in Christ. It's hard to type those words, but I pray the Lord would make this true in all areas of my life—that it be Christ above all as I fix my eyes on eternity, and that though that He may use me, and that whatever else He blesses me with might be a gift that further glorifies Him.

Thank you for your service to women all over the world through your ministry. ~Bafokeng Mpeta

Bafokeng is just one woman in South Africa, but we want to see her story of surrender replicated all over the world in the hearts of teens and twentysomethings, middle-aged moms, and silver-haired saints. For women everywhere, every day, we’re providing a daily drip of encouragement, and when needed, a giant infusion of true hope.

That’s what you support when you give toward our year-end need. With your help, we’ll be there for her in every season of life.