On the Other Side of the Globe God's Truth Is Helping Her

Revive Our Hearts plays an important role in fostering Eva Wenzl’s love for God’s Word. She longs to share that love with other women in Austria and Germany.

Growing up in Salzburg, Austria, as the only child of a believing single mother, Eva loved the church and thought of it as a substitute family, but she didn’t truly understand the gospel.

When she was eighteen, Eva began to see that she could not be good on her own, but she still could not understand God’s love. An adoptive “grandma” took Eva under her wing and began to pray and read the Psalms with her.

The Lord clearly showed me that love is not something emotinal, not just a good feeling, but He is the greatest love and showed it on the cross for me, personally.

Eva’s life was changed, but she still fought her desires for “the charms of this world” and experienced trials that tested her obedience and trust in God; she lost family, friends, and worldly success. Those were dark days, but God used them to open Eva’s heart to something new: “My mother gave me the book Lies Women Believe and that also convicted me and made me love His Word, the Truth,” Eva remembers.

She began to believe, “No matter what I feel, oh Lord, your Word says . . .”

In very lonely and dark hours I came across a video by Nancy, "Jesus, What A Wonderful Name!" There she recites 200 verses about our Lord Jesus and I was overwhelmed. The verses, the truth, penned a piece of heaven to me, and I was allowed to realize that the Lord along is worthy and has overcome all. And if He, the Lion of Judah, has overcome, it is only worthwhile to serve Him. He is worth it all!

Now, Eva’s heart’s desire is to introduce other women to that same Truth. “My concern grew to share with other sisters how good He is, how precious His Word is,” Eva says.

The Lord awakened my heart once again in a very concrete way for women's ministry in our community and beyond the Austrian border. We started Bible days for women, evangelistic women's breakfasts, and the Lord in His grace gave us many blessings and let us see fruits—women who now know Him as their Savior and Lord.

Eva leans on Revive Our Hearts programs and resources for personal encouragement and for discipleship. She’s also working with the German Belebe Unsere Herzen (Revive Our Hearts) team to establish a structure for their ministry and hopes to see the same come to fruition in Austria. Why?

Revival. Eva believes this is the greatest need of the women in Germany and Austria. Women need “to be steadfast, to persevere,” says Eva, “according to Isaiah 37:31, that we take root downward (in His Word, firmly connected to our Lord) and bear fruit upward—for His glory!” Amen, Eva! May it be so!