Through Social Media, We're Reaching Her

She pops in her earbuds to listen to the daily revive our hearts podcast on her walk across campus. She turns on the Grounded videocast while folding laundry to start her Monday off with hope and perspective. She shares the latest Revive Our Hearts Instagram post with a friend who needs truth-filled encouragement.

Through platforms like podcasts, YouTube, and a variety of social media outlets, the Lord continues to provide opportunities to reach women in all stages of life. Revive Our Hearts desires to meet women where they are with the hope of the gospel and tools to deepen their faith. Every day, young women like Oghosa Iyamu turn to Revive Our Hearts for resources they can count on.

Meet Oghosa

When Oghosa graduated from college with a degree in business administration and an emphasis in marketing, she didn’t know the direction her life was about to take. After she was hired to work at PepsiCo, her sister’s friend invited her to a small group at church. There she was introduced to the gospel, and it penetrated her heart. She came to know the Lord as her Savior in March 2012. Three months later, a “holy restlessness” grew inside her. The Lord began stirring within Oghosa a desire to know Scripture and a calling to teach women, which led to her decision to attend seminary.

Oghosa listened to Revive Our Hearts nearly every day at seminary. “It was part of my morning routine,” she said. “I felt like it was so practical.” Around that time, she heard about the True Woman ’16: Cry Out! conference from Colleen, a Revive Our Hearts Ambassador in Texas. Colleen reached out to her about the prayer-focused conference, and they made plans to advertise and offer it to women in the area. They hosted the conference virtually in the chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Oghosa recounted,

It was so timely with all that had been happening in our world and around us. To be able to set aside time to pray with other women virtually was a sweet gift.

Colleen knew Oghosa was a writer, and soon after the conference, she connected Oghosa with Revive Our Hearts. She wrote for for a few years before she was hired for full-time ministry at her church. After first experiencing the love of Christ through a small group, Oghosa’s life has come full-circle as she now leads small groups at her church. She is also founder, creative visionary, and writer for UN.Scrambled, a ministry she launched on Instagram in March of 2020. Oghosa chose the name because the word “unscramble” means “to take things that are in a state of confusion or disorder and to arrange them so that they can be understood or seen clearly.” God brought forth a passion in her heart to help people know the Truth by studying and understanding the words of Scripture. Oghosa’s desire is clear:

To help free men and women from misdirected thoughts and desires that keep usliving scrambled—enslaved to sin . . . I truly believe that every word can point to the Word.

The seeds of Truth that God planted in Oghosa’s heart through the ministry of Revive Our Hearts continue to bear fruit. She clings to the words of Ephesians 3:20, saying, “I thank God for the ability to pray, and [that] He can do more than what I can think or imagine to pray.”