Radio Still Reaches Her

In recent months we’ve made a big splash about our podcast family, but 2,013 times every day the message of Revive Our Hearts continues to impact women who listen via traditional radio on 1,100 unique outlets. That’s a powerful platform! Here’s how a recent series helped a listener named “Marilyn”:

I really enjoyed the "Anna" series this past month. Since I have been widowed and live alone, I am so lost in this crazy world we live in as to knowing what I could possibly do for the Lord.

I used to have a prayer gathering in my home. Since the cornavirus, I have a fear of bringing anyone in, especially since my ladies were eighty or older. I am in my seventies myself. Hearing your program in the morning helps me keep my focus on the presence of God and feeling His love and peace all around me. They have brought me closwer to Him the more I hear your program.

In these days of isolation, we’re encouraged to hear that the message of freedom, fullness, and fruitfulness in Christ continues to minister to “Marilyn” and so many women like her. She continued,

Blessings to you all as we continue to praise our Lord for who we are in Him and all He is doing in our lives. Let us rejoice daily for all we have and sing praises to our King.

“Marilyn,” we are nodding in agreement and seeking Him alongside you! While podcasts and social media rise in popularity, the ministry of Christian radio helps us reach her with a daily drip of hope and encouragement. “Marilyn’s” story is evidence that radio is very much alive—especially when the message is filled with living water.