Shannan Painter

Shannan is a pastor’s wife and mother to four children. She is passionate about helping people live balanced, healthier lives. While she grew up playing competitive sports and being very active, her weight was a constant struggle. After losing a significant amount of weight due to a medical elimination diet to address some health issues, she spent years battling various disordered eating behaviors. Several years later, through an online Bible study, that she began to fully grasp the idolatry that was at the root of her struggles. As such, she became a fitness professional. She saw a great need for biblical truth to be applied to the area of body care to find freedom and lasting heart change, not just weight loss.

Shannan is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Fit for the King Coach with fifteen years of group fitness experience. She's seen the power of the gospel–applied to relationships and stewardship of our bodies– that’s the real star in this journey. 

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