The Easiest Choice You’ll Make Today: Hope-Filled Election Resources from ROH

Ready or not, this reality is impossible to avoid: it’s Election Day in the United States. 

Maybe for you, this day brings with it a rush of adrenaline. The excitement of participating in the electoral process, of executing your civic duty. Perhaps you feel deeply burdened for the state of our country and the issues to be decided. Though I’m a Minnesota transplant, I’m grieved when I think of my home state of Michigan, also the home of Revive Our Hearts headquarters and many of my ministry colleagues, as its citizens vote on Proposal 3, a ballot initiative that would amend the state’s constitution to establish some of the most progressive abortion policies in the country. California, Vermont, Montana, and Kentucky have similar measures on the ballot. 

There will be no shortage of news to sift through on Election Day 2022. That’s why our team wanted to provide you with a different kind of ballot, filled with resources to draw your eyes toward Jesus—a ballot in which every choice leads to hope!

Because “Heaven rules” (Dan. 4:26), we know that God is still on His throne no matter how the election turns out. Not a single event in the United States, Brazil, Ukraine, Russia, China, Australia, or anywhere around the world is hidden from his watchful eye. And as Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shared in her final message at True Woman ’22, “The King still has one more move.” We place our hope in Him today. We place our hope in Him every day. 

Your Revive Our Hearts Election 2022 Ballot

In each category below, select one (or more!) resources to help you meditate on Heaven’s rule over election outcomes. In this race, there are no bad options. This should be your easiest decision of the day. 

Podcasts and Videocasts


Blog Posts


Though we encourage you to ground your heart in Bible-saturated content like what we’ve linked above, the most important response to today’s election (and others to come) is to pray. Join us in praying for our nation today:

Lord, we trust Your Word. You make nations great and You destroy them. You enlarge nations and you lead them away (Job 12:23). Lord, we pray that Your hand will be evident in today’s election, that Your people will vote according to Your Word and Your will. Above all, we ask that You send revival to our communities, our nation, our world. 


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Laura Elliott

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