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The Bare Facts: How Far Is Too Far?

Have you ever thought purity would be a lot easier to attain if the Bible clearly said, "Here is exactly how far you can go physically and remain pure"?

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Your Philosophy Is Showing

Compare the world’s philosophy with God’s to discover who and what you’re believing about your worth, purpose, and beauty.

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Sexual Purity

Here are some practical ways to maintain sexual purity.

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Personal Hedges

Practical cautions for Christian women to help safeguard our hearts and the marriages of the men around us.

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What if I've blown it?

I wish that none of you had to wrestle with the pain caused by messing up in the area of romance.

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True Beauty

Take this heart check test to help discern your thoughts, motives, and goals regarding beauty.

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The Attractive Christian Woman

A heart of modesty and self-control will bring joy and peace in your life—and will make the gospel believable to others.