Nancy Leigh DeMoss: Well, Mary, we're over halfway through this series on True Woman 201: Interior Design. We've been looking at these elements, one at a time, that make up a beautiful woman of God. We've looked at the whole area of discernment—how a true woman is characterized by right thinking. And we've come back to that again and again.

Mary: It seems like we're coming back to a lot of them. They all mesh one into another.

Nancy: They do, and they all take us back to the Word of God, to the authority of God in our lives, that our lives are intentional, they're purposeful, they're not just lived haphazardly, but we're women of discernment.

And then the second one we said was so foundational.

Mary: Reverence—that honoring God in our lives is the foundation of life. We ought to live in a way that we are always aware of His presence and living out temple-appropriate behavior. We are to be women who are truly reverent of God in the way that we think and we speak and we act.

Nancy: And then we came to a woman who loves family: she loves husband, she loves children . . . and that was your anniversary day.

Mary: That was my anniversary day. You surprised me! You really did. I had no idea that while the tape was rolling my husband was going to call in and wish me a happy anniversary!

Nancy: You were wrecking your makeup. …