Nancy: Mary, just a few minutes ago as you and I were getting some makeup done in preparation for this video shoot, we had the sweetest experience of the very element we're going to be talking about today.

Mary Kassian: We did. We have a makeup lady that we just met this morning, and her name was Maria. She came in, and she was so kind. She was helping us with makeup, and we were chatting with her and finding out about her family.

Nancy: As we were getting ready to finish up, we said, "We'd like to bless you. We'd like to pray for you." And you said to her, "Is there any specific way we can pray for you?"

Mary: She mentioned that she had not been feeling well. She'd been in the hospital and had so many health struggles.

Nancy: And so you proceeded to pray for her.

Mary: Yes.

Nancy: You just prayed a beautiful prayer, asking God to minister health and grace to her. And when you finished praying . . .

Mary: I couldn't believe her reaction. She just burst into tears, and she started hugging us and just saying, "This is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me."

Nancy: She said, "This is such a gift, this is such a gift." And actually, after you left the room, I was still there, she said, "Please tell Mary that I had a headache until she prayed for me, and my headache is …