Erin Davis: I am so glad you are back with us! We are walking through the study Rahab: Tracing the Thread of Redemption, and I love the women that are listening. I know that sounds like I’m just saying it, because I haven’t met them! But I do, and I am picturing you as we’re opening our Bibles.

What are you doing? Are you in your church, or are you in your home, or are you in your car? I’m thinking of you, and I care about you. I’m so glad you’re with us! I know that you are going to love the women joining me. You’ve already met them, but I’ll let them reintroduce themselves.

I have a hard opening question! Sometimes they’re silly, but this one goes for the heart a little. Tell them your name and who has shown you steadfast love? We’ll start with you.

Leslie Bennett: Alright! I’m Leslie. I’m a Carolina girl, but not North . . . South Carolina!

Erin: That’s important!

Leslie: Yes! Don’t confuse the two!

Erin: It’s the most southern Carolina!

Leslie: That’s right! Aww, I’d have to say my husband has shown me the most love of any other human being on this earth. I’m really grateful!

Erin: How long have you been married?

Leslie: Thirty-seven years.

Erin: Whoa!

Paulina Torres: Wow!

Leslie: Thank You, Lord, for that. That’s a gift! 

Erin: You were just telling me this week about the time he surprised you with a trip to Paris.

Leslie: He sure did when I turned sixty!

Erin: That’s pretty amazing!

Leslie: It was very, very thoughtful, very sweet, and a wonderful surprise. We had a great time!

Erin: Thirty-seven years is a long time for steadfast love!

Leslie: It is, yes! And it keeps getting better! So to all you newlyweds out there . . .

Erin: They think it’s pretty great now, so that’s good news: it keeps getting better! Alright, you tell us your name, tell us where you’re from, and if you want to, about your son. And who has shown you steadfast love?

Paulina: Okay, my name is Paulina, and I’m going to join ten years in my marriage. I feel like a newlywed! I have an eight-year-old son. He’s the cutest little thing!

Erin: What’s his name?

Paulina: Christian.

Erin: Oh I love that name. 

Paulina: I was thinking about the steadfast love while Leslie was talking about her love, and I was just thinking when I shared a little bit of my testimony in the first episode. 

I was in sexual abuse and searching for love in relationships, and then things, and then food—all these crazy places. I was heartbroken about not finding real love . . . until I met Jesus. And that is true love!

I was very disappointed in what the world named as “love,” or pictured it. When I suffered the sexual abuse, it was really hurtful that my mom knew about it, but we were still in that situation. I just didn’t feel protected. I didn’t feel she cared. I felt like, “Well, it’s not that important.” That is how I felt.

I was searching for this true love in so many other areas, but in Jesus was this, “Okay, I have made all these mistakes, and He still loves me with such tender love!” That’s what makes me want to love Him more, because it’s the only love I have actually experienced that is just so satisfying and so true! 

Erin: Well, I can’t top that! Jesus is the source of steadfast love, and we’re here because He’s shown us steadfast love. 

I’m Erin and, actually, I have a lot of people who have loved me really steadfastly; I’m really fortunate in that. 

I can rattle off family members and friends and pastors and …