Erin Davis: Well, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee, hot tea, hot apple cider, lemonade, whatever, and grab your Bible. I’m so glad you’re joining us. You’re going to be listening to some friends who I know you’re going to love.

We are walking through the study of Rahab: Tracing the Thread of Redemption. I’ll let them introduce themselves to you in a minute, but before you do, I want the women listening to feel like you’re right here with us. You are. We’re thinking of you. We’re talking about you.

I want you to feel like you are walking through the study of Rahab with us. We’re not here to download all of our wisdom about this story to you. We’re not here because we have all of this figured out. We want to open our Bibles with you and look at Rahab’s life just like I hope you’re doing in your church, in your neighborhood. I feel like that.

Sometimes we’ll be serious. We’ll be talking about really deep stuff. And then the next minute we might not be. We might talk over each other. We might interrupt each other a little bit. We will share stories from our lives. We want you to feel like you’re a part of that.

So by way of disclaimer, I want them to know what they’re getting into. I want them to meet you. I know they’re going to love you as they listen to you talk …